My Shop for Hair Analysis

 I analyzed hair physical properties from 2013-2020 through Etsy, then a dedicated website. I have re-opened that shop which can be found here (click the link in the green box).

GoosefootPrints Hair Analysis Shop Online

Hair analysis is a combination of measurements I take, and information clients provide me before the analysis is done. I read questionnaires thoroughly in order to interpret results and provide useful tips.

Two clients with the same hair properties may receive quite different recommendations and tip-sheets depending on their goals, climate, and water supply.

Moving forward in 2023, my emphasis is on helping people solve problems through hair analysis, addressing hair-changes of perimenopause and menopause, and helping people save money on hair-care by understanding products and communicating clearly about their hair.

I want you to feel comfortable with your hair and confident that you can keep it healthy. Marketing in media, magazines, etc., drives us towards the opposite of that.

Note: Business is located in the U.S.A. Orders placed from outside the U.S.A. require international shipping.

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