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 Protecting your privacy is important. Science-y Hair Blog is hosted by Blogger, a Google product. By using Science-y Hair Blog's Services, you agree to the terms set forth by Google. 


I have little to no access to your personal data other than screen names if you leave a comment.

If you sign up with Bloglovin for updates, they retain your personal information (email).

Science-y Hair blog uses Google Analytics, a third party service, to collect and analyze information your web browser sends in order to improve the blog and your experience. Google places a cookie - a small text files on your device that retain user preferences, the number of pages you visit, which pages are visited most often, and other statistics. This information may include device-type (mobile or desktop) your browser's general location, but not personal identification such as name or address.

For more information, see Google Analytics Privacy Policy:

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If you have registered an account to leave comments on this site, you may request a copy of those comments, and you may request that those comments be deleted.


Any information you voluntarily provide to Science-y Hair Blog will be used in ways that you have authorized, such as posting comments. If you provide personal or business information, it will remain confidential.

Science-y Hair Blog does link to websites outside Science-y Hair Blog, and has no control over how those websites protect your privacy or manage your personal information. Please consult their privacy policies to learn how your privacy is protected.

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