Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's Cooking This Week (8-13-11)

Flaxseed curl cream! If you like "all in one" products or are just looking for something new to try without actually shelling out cash, mix up some of this curl cream. The recipe is also at the bottom of the "Recipes and Projects" page.
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Flaxseed Curl Cream:

1 tablespoon thick, rich conditioner (use less for fine hair) - add a few drops of canola oil or whatever oil you like if the conditioner has no oil in it
2 tablespoons flaxseed gel (with protein added if your hair likes it)
1 tablespoon strong hold hair gel
optional: 4 drops honey or agave nectar ( or 1/8 teaspoon or more - this is meant to add more "hold")
©Science-y Hair Blog 2013
Apply fairly liberally, style as you usually do.
This gives great curl definition and "clumps," controls frizz, enhances curls and feels soft in the hair. For the hair gel, use whatever feels like "strong hold" to you - whatever you have on hand. You can always use more honey or agave if you need more hold.
©Science-y Hair Blog 2013
Cut the batch! (Trial size) Use:
1 teaspoon of conditioner
2 teaspoons of flaxseed gel
1 teaspoon of strong hold hair gel
(optional) 1-2 drops honey or agave - not as good in high humidity.

The ratio of ingredients if you want an even smaller batch is:
 2 parts flaxseed gel
1 part strong-hold gel
Anywhere from a drop to 1 part conditioner
1-3 drops oil (optional)
1-4 drops agave or honey (optional - not good in high humidity)


  1. Will this need to be refrigerated? Or will the preservatives in the gel/conditioner be enough to preserve it?

    1. This needs to be refrigerated unless you use it within a day or two. The preservatives in the gel help a little, but because they are diluted, the concentration is no longer high enough to be effective when you make this gel.