Monday, June 18, 2012

Reasons to Make Your Own Hair Gel

I make almost all my own hair products. They are not all made from “natural” or food-type ingredients. That doesn’t bother me, I’m fairly chemical-literate. I also am allergic or sensitive to ingredients in many hair and skin products. So when I feel bad that I cannot try the new, pretty hair product that promises to transform my hair from “Plain Jane” to “Magazine Cover ” or I can no longer buy a product I liked – I remind myself of these things.©Science-y Hair Blog 2013

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Reasons to make your own hair gel:

·      You control the ingredients. Leave out the itchy or smelly ingredients, or the   ones that cause build-up. It’s tailored for your hair and scalp.
·      You control the “hold” so you can have the same gel with medium, light, or strong hold, depending on your mood or the style you have in mind.
·      You can adapt the product to your needs for the season or occasion – more emollients? More humectants? Need protein? Just add some. Done!
·      No worries about your favorite product being discontinued or changed = lower anxiety level (okay, I’m kidding a little – but it really stinks then that happens).
·      You can use as much as you want. Glob on the gel and dab off the excess – when it’s inexpensive and homemade you can be extra-generous with gel.
·      Inexpensive (even if you invest in a bunch of ingredients).
·      Re-use bottles many times before recycling them. 
.      Homemade gels work well layered under or mixed with commercial (store-bought) hair gels. Got a product you like, but it just needs a "little something?" A DIY hair gel could be your solution!
·      It’s fun to try new things with the low investment – and you learn a lot!
·      Fewer worries about developing skin sensitivities, triggering asthma, rashes or migraines. You can be allergic or sensitive to almost any ingredient, but some preservatives and fragrances are more highly allergenic than what you’ll use at home.

Why You Really DO Have Time To Make Your Own Hair Gel
·      You won't waste time reading labels, buying things that smell too strongly or cause itching or don’t work right.
·      It really only takes about 15-20 minutes to make hair gel and clean up, and it’s so easy that you can start it while you’re cooking other things or doing the washing up. One cup of gel will last about 2 1/2 weeks in the refrigerator if you use sterilized containers and keep your fingers out of it (unless you use it up before that).
·      Make a double batch and freeze half. Or a triple batch…
·      Make a batch and split it so you can add different ingredients.
·      Once you learn how to make gel – it goes quickly. 
·      You just need to plan time for it. Consider it “me” time, not a chore. Enjoy yourself.
©Science-y Hair Blog 2013
Actually – that last one relates to cooking food for yourself and your family too. Yes, we’re all busy and cooking food or hair gel takes some time, planning and effort. But the process itself demonstrates the value of family and self and is an expression of caring. When I’m too pressed for time to cook – I know I need to re-evaluate my priorities.©Science-y Hair Blog 2013

A final word - homemade hair gel needs refrigeration or a preservative to keep yourself and anybody else in your home safe. Here are some preservation options for homemade hair gels.

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